Thursday 16 July 2009

I wrote a little while ago about the complete losers that are white supremacists. I see from the news that one of their number, Neil Lewington, has been convicted of plotting to cause explosions in pursuit of his sick beliefs.

He fits the mould perfectly. It is difficult to find anything"supreme" about him

Age 43 and still living with his mum and dad

No girlfriend
No friends
Lives in a fantasy world
Arrested for urinating on a station
Makes bombs with a child's chemistry set
If that's not enough listen to how his own lawyer described him: "a silly, immature, alcoholic, dysfunctional twit, fantasising to make up for a rather sad life".

Long live the master race!


  1. Tomorrow will be a long bloody time coming mate if you're relying on losers like that

  2. You can't judge us all by one misfit. The fact is that a growing majority of British people are getting angrier and angrier about the level of immigration, the culture of Liberalism that exists in the media and government and of "positive discrimination" which is discrimination however you look at it. Most immigrants came to live in the UK because they like the UK, not the dirty third world country we are slowly becoming. Do you live in a multi ethnic area?, no wait, don't answer that, your naievety already has!