Tuesday 22 February 2011

Foreign Office advice on how to escape from a danger zone

You have to ask on which planet the chinless wonders of the Foreign Office reside. "Planet Common Sense" it ain't.

I see that they are sending out advice, from the safety of King Charles Street, to British citizens caught up in the crisis in Libya. You must leave, they say, without checking how that is to be achieved. If they had, they would have found that British Airways and British Midland have cancelled their flights from Tripoli. The airlines that are left flying out are all, surprise surprise, full.  Just go to the airport with lots of cash is the next nugget of wisdom, at the same time as reports of chaos at same airport. Well at least they alerted all the thieves and muggers in North Africa to look out for escaping Brits. We have no plans to organise special flights they conclude. No that would be useful.

I imagine this supremely incompetent or at best unthinking advice is a great comfort to our countrymen and women out there.


  1. Chinless wonders? You have a dim view of the chaps.

    But doubtless a charter will be chartered in due course. I would have thought that you would be less than sympathetic to the expats for going there in the first place.

  2. Now Sweet William Hague is being all macho and sending a frigate I feel relieved. My humanitarian instincts even extend to those I despise.