Sunday 6 March 2011

How to bake bread

... Sourdough Saga...Part 94

After a careful upbringing Dough Bro, my sourdough starter, is ready to unleash himself on the wider world of bakery products. I have been feeding, nurturing, sniffing and, yes dear reader, talking to my little creation for what seems like weeks. Now like a proud but bereft parent at the school gate on the first day of term I have to leave little Dough Bro to make his own way in the world of kneading, rising and ovens.

He made an enthusiastic start, nearly taking over the kitchen when I left him to form a sponge last night -- maybe doing that critical stage of breadmaking after coming home from the pub was a mistake.

Now floured and kneaded to perfection he is out to prove himself by the wood stove. I will have to go for a walk or something as the suspense is killing me...I can only hope that he develops a thick crust to defend himself from a cruel world.

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