Tuesday 11 October 2011

Economical with the Werrity?

In many ways Liam Fox has played a blinder -- he is still there toughing it out and sounding both contrite and outraged at the same time. He was good in the House yesterday. At the weekend Tories I was speaking to gave him until Tuesday, today in other words. He hasn't gone yet (11.00am).

Do not let discussions of his -- up till now excellent -- performances, however, obscure some of the quite amazing revelations. The 40 meetings, including 18 overseas trips; the warnings; the business card; the sudden transformation of Mr Werrity's expertise from health policy to defence; the lack of business success in Mr Werrity's enterprises; the decision of a well-to-do politician to take in a lodger in his Parliamentary expenses-supported flat; the chance meeting in Dubai that needed such careful planning; and of course the twists and turns in explanations of all the above.

The ultimate question usually comes down to being one of judgement rather than misdeed. That is the one that really does make me wonder.

And finally, Mrs Liam Fox appears to have disappeared. Where is his loyal Tory wife when he needs her?

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