Tuesday 12 April 2011

Police and the truth

"He was over six foot tall and threatened me with a sawn-off shotgun, Your Honour"

George Monbiot writes a good piece today about the reliance on lying under oath by our police. Anyone who has had dealings with police -- as a juror in court, a witness, a victim, a suspect, a journalist or just a concerned citizen -- soon has the terrible revelation that serious lying is tactic number one for the boys and girls in blue. It has been happening for years and, despite PACE way back in 1984, an avalanche of evidence as courts stop believing coppers, loads of home and justice secretaries and so called "new" policemen like Ian Blair, it's still happening now.

As Monbiot says you can't have justice until the police stop lying. Do read the piece.


  1. Old Monbiot is having rather a purple patch in his columns at the moment. For a while he seemed to be bonkers but there has been some good stuff lately.

  2. Police... we are pay them for cover our live, but sometimes they like a killer
    How about libya today?