Tuesday 14 April 2015

Learn from Hillary

Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton's politics or track record, her campaign kick-off video launched this week is an object lesson in great communications.

Watching some of the lamentable efforts in our UK election campaign makes this even more powerful. First and most importantly it develops and sticks to a simple theme "getting started". That's how all great ads work - one simple message that builds and then delivers. By the time Hillary comes on screen you really get it. By the way it's the oldest rule in the book but surprising how even comms professionals can ignore or forget it.

Second it is completely up front about being inclusive. Commercial advertisers, marketeers and sit-com writers get it that today's America/UK/Europe is diverse - they have to because revenue depends on connecting with as big a part of the nation as possible. UK politicians should stop cowering in their fear of UKIP or the Daily Mail and realise that too.

There you go - no rocket science.