Friday 27 April 2018

Award Winners

We won the LoS Award last night but the highlight has to have been a hug from the legendary Floella Benjamin and then she announced to the audience that I was "a great hugger". I prefer "hugger" to "bugger" which I have to admit I have been called in the past!

Wednesday 25 April 2018

The Best TV Series Ever

An education video produced by my company DLA has been nominated for a Learning On Screen Award. The ceremony is tomorrow so I am busy dusting off the old tuxedo and looking forward to a great evening at the BFI in London.

I am delighted because the video is based on footage from the greatest TV series ever to be made in the UK - Michael Apted’s Up Series, produced from 1964 and still going now. Very little in the world of film and TV has as much to say about the human condition and even fewer works say it so well. It is unique.

I was lucky enough to have some inspired and inspiring teachers at my secondary school who showed us the first three instalments of Up (7, 14, 21) as a part of what was then known as Community Education. It is one of the stand-out moments of my entire school career. The films (I seem to remember they were shown to us from a 16mm projector) and class discussions afterwards are some of the fondest memories I share with my old Clevedon Comprehensive School mates whenever we meet. I think we all try to catch up - every 7 years - with the lives of the Up generation. The Up participants feel like friends, they are part of our circle. I feel like saying the “Us Series”.