Wednesday 25 November 2015

A Final Toast to Jay Cross

Big respect to the organisers of the OEB Conference in Berlin next week for hosting a special session in tribute to Jay. His colleagues from the Internet Time Alliance will be celebrating his life and work as well as
showcasing his final book, Real Learning, which he had been planning to launch at OEB this year.

Many, many of his friends will be there. I am sure that it will be an uplifting occasion.

I will find it difficult to walk into the Marlene Bar next week and not see Jay there, holding court and holding a glass of Riesling.

Why Video needs its Grammar

“If we learn how something works, we can control it”

An article of mine published today looking ahead to the Masterclass I will be running at next week's OEB Conference in Berlin.

If educators learn some of the basics about how video works - and we have 120 years of film-making to draw from - they will be much more successful at engaging their students.

Thanks to ubiquitous video technology, there has never been a better time to experiment with, and master, video skills.

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Jay Cross Tributes

It has been moving to read all the tributes to Jay.  David Kelly and Clark Quinn have curated collections of the many stories and appreciations.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

Jay Cross RIP

There are many others better qualified than me to comment on Jay’s contributions to thinking and learning.  I can only add memory of the man and pay tribute to the enjoyable, illuminating conversations we shared over the past few years.

A conversation with Jay was like a magic carpet ride across a rich, ever changing landscape.  You would visit the past, the present and the future in any order. No detail of that landscape was out of bounds for Jay’s curiosity, experience and opinion.  And like all the best teachers, communicators  and inspirers, Jay understood the raw, simple power of stories.  That is how I like to remember him best, convivial, glass of Riesling in hand and telling one of his great stories.  Life and work, work and life – Jay was a true expert in and blender of the two.

For a succinct appreciation of Jay's work see

Photo by Rebekah Tolley 2014