Wednesday 27 May 2009


I am going to attempt borscht tonight. My greengrocer had some wonderful looking beetroots so I thought I'd give it a go, never having tried making it before. Of course the complications start when I look for a recipe...Russian, Ukranian, Hungarian, meat or not meat...? I can't really face going onto a foodie website and reading reams of posts about the virtues of South Ossetian borscht over the Kazakstahni version so I am going to try a bastardised Russian recipe as the best I have ever tasted was in Moscow.


  1. The nicest Borscht I ever tasted was made for me by a young Kyrgy woman. I obviously have lost the recipe along the years, but I remember it contained lamb and dill. Perhaps it might be worth a google?

  2. Mine had the dill but beef rather than lamb.

  3. Of course, to make it completely authentic, one must accompany it with a minimum of twenty three shots of vodka...