Monday 8 June 2009

Jackboots to Strasbourg

Well it's nice to discover that the lesser known of the two newly elected BNP members, Andrew Brons, not only fits but exceeds the stereotype of the loony far right.

As with most BNP leaders his motivation stems from a mixture of childish infatuation with Hitler and an equally one-dimensional hatred of black or jewish or moslem or gay people (in fact anyone who is not in the ubermensch category like his good self). Brons was previously an enthusiastic member of the National Socialist movement here in the UK; a virulent anti-semite; and purchaser of swastikas and other Nazi memorabilia. Lederhosen all the way to Strasbourg. In his formative years Brons worshipped at the feet of Britain's post-war National Socialist Fuhrer, the peculiar Colin Jordan.

Jordan -- who sadly went off to Nazi heaven or hell in April this year -- was one of the old boys of my college in Cambridge. He didn't get mentioned very often. In a thoroughly disreputable political career Jordan founded any number of batty fascist parties. He loved prancing round in jackboots and in 1975 he was convicted of stealing women's underwear from a branch of Tesco. In later life Jordan declared that Jesus Christ had been an imposter and the real messiah was Adolf Hitler. It's nice to know that our newly elected MEP has such an illustrious mentor.
Loony Nazi Colin Jordan, posing in a rather fetching brown shirt.


  1. its a shame you have to tell the same old lies about the bnp. they are fiting for british jobs for british poeple and are the only party fiting to stop us being turned into a muslim state.
    i voted for them they are are last chance to save our lovely country!

  2. Dear Anonymous, Perhaps you can expand on the lies you accuse me of. As far as I am aware all the above comment is factually accurate.

  3. Its all part of the big liberal conspiricy to try to stop the truth coming out. it is just lies. i can see why you m ake it u[p as your black. I'm not anomynous YOU ARE PRICK!

  4. Dear Anonymous, You must be a hoax. Your stupidity is so great it's unbelieveable even for the BNP.

  5. Dear adam. Your stupidity is bigger. You are happy living in the uk as a second class citizen? England is a white country and that is a fact. If you are happy beong here as a black foreigner then thats great. it only goes to show what a great world white people can build. Enjoy it while your here!