Wednesday 4 April 2012

One to Catch

Sky Atlantic is showing Game Change, the HBO Sarah Palin film, soon. I saw it recently in the US and can highly recommend -- it's like a turbocharged version of The West Wing. Julianne Moore is uncanny in her portrayal and Woody Harrelson is brilliant. The scene where Moore watches Tina Fey's impersonation is hilarious.

The real Sarah Palin (if such a thing exists) has been slagging it off. She should be grateful. Moore adds a lot of empathy to the role and comes across as a 3-D human, something that Palin herself has so far failed to do despite all the exposure.

If you want drama, excitement and "jeopardy" forget  BBC One's abysmal The Voice and go for the story of the Palin meltdown.

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