Sunday 26 April 2009

Age of Austerity

David Cameron has proclaimed an age of austerity. In spirit I spend the evening watching wonderful documentaries from Edgar Anstey's British Transport Film Unit. I chose films from a previous time when we were broke and watch the marvelous 1952 Ocean Terminal, John Schlesinger's Terminus and my favourite Snowdrift at Bleath Gill*. If presented well I can see the appeal of a Celia Johnson, WI jam, dig for victory style of austerity. What we miss though is a sense of the greater good for which we are being austere. Sadly doing without, pulling together, making do and mending need that sense of purpose and no-one is giving it to us. So all Cameron and Osborne's banking mates can start collecting their full bonuses again...? Or Peter Mandelson can regain his intensely relaxed state...?

*Required viewing in my mind for Boris Johnson and any other bleaters next time we have a snow fall and they feel it necessary to stop transport.

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