Thursday 30 April 2009

Stop twittering Stephen

Dear Mr Fry,

I read your letter to your teenage self this morning. It was wonderful. It demonstrated the strength of good clear writing and humane senitment. It set me on a thoughtful stride for my day's labours. I liked it so much I am going to quote some of it below. Please don't lose sight of the important stuff amid the twittering.

"...we gay people are happy now (or not) in large part thanks to Stonewall rioters, Harvey Milk, Dennis Lemon, Gay News, Ian McKellen, Edwina Currie (true) et al, and the battered bodies of bullied, beaten and abused gay men and women who stood up to be counted and refused to apologise for the way they were. It has given us something we never thought to have: pride. For thousands of years shame was our lot and now, turning on a sixpence, we have arrived at pride..."

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