Wednesday 7 April 2010

Another sad loss

David Mills the American writer and TV producer died too. He worked closely with David Simon on later seasons of The Wire as well as a host of other great and gritty US TV drama. I will also remember him from his blog Undercover Black Man, which if you check out his family say will be kept availalble in his honour. You will also see a powerful eulogy from his nephew. He was a young talent to lose -- only 48 -- with so much left to do.

On The Wire, I was listening to the radio last night and the terribly clever John Lloyd (Blackadder and Not the Nine O'Clock News producer rather than the tennis player) had to watch the first episode as a "new experience". It was part of that series I've Never Watched Star Wars where people admit to never having eaten a salad or listened to Dark Side of the Moon and then do and describe said thing. Lloyd was initially apprehensive and then hooked. It seems a terrible cliche now but he said he found it difficult to think of any better television ever made. Coming from someone with his track record that's impressive.

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