Tuesday 27 April 2010


When the ash cloud struck and european civilisation was clicked into pause mode, we headed out of Marrakech for Essaouira. The space, coastal breeze and a less crowded airline office made it a very agreeable place to sit out the storm.  We stayed at Diana's house, set into the city ramparts facing the ocean.It was a perfect introduction to this fascinating place.

Of course the place that Essaouira reminds me of most is Stone Town in Zanzibar. The narrow streets, Arabic architecture, markets and blue seas are strikingly similar, even though it's the opposite side of the African continent, the Atlantic rather than the Indian Ocean.

I feel sure I will visit Essaouira again.
Breakfast "au terrace" with the morning sun and breeze from the ocean

And with the age old walls you can forget the odd volcano. 

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